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I'm Daniel.

Daniel Oliver (dyspraxic developer of awkward worldS that he makes up but for real) and six other neurodivergent performance people are spending several days shut in day and night at Live Art Bistro pretending they are a time travelling cult from a post-neurodivergent revolution fun time future which they really are. Watch what they are doing in there now here. Supported through the Live Art Development Agency and Jerwood Foundation's DIY Progression initiative and Arts Council England. Daniel's website is He teaches Drama and do research at Queen Mary University of London.



Dates: 23, 24, 25, 26 July 2018


Public invited on the 23rd - info here: 

Artist’s involved

Ben Mills:

Ben is an experimental performance maker and live artist based in Leeds. His work is located within a Performance, Live and visual art’s context. The mediums he works within are wide ranging and are used in response to the content he is dealing with in that specific project. His current practice is specifically concerned with the politics of Hope and the themes of Failure, Labour and utopia. He is also associate artist at the LIve Art Bistro in Leeds.

Charlene Salter:

Charlene is an early-career actor and performance-artist who took part in DIY14: Max Dyspraxe Performance-World Neurodivergent Revolution Fun-Time and is part of Access All Areas. Due to her role in DIY14 Charlene has a role as an ‘historical expert’ in this project. 

Chloe Spicer:

Chloe is a dyspraxic performance artist and librarian who works creatively with libraries on making collections accessible for neurodivergent people. She describes herself as ‘bookish’.

Jo Hauge:

Jo is a queer, non-binary artist from Oslo. Their work is aggressively feminine and mental, and being visibly and loudly vulnerable is at the core of what they do. They’re into talking about themselves, being angry and pop music.

Luke Ferris:

Luke is a long-term collaborator of mine (Daniel's). We have recently published work together on dyspraxia and collaborative performance. He is a performance artist and writer. He will also be part of the documentation team, primarily as a gonzo-style journalist who embraces a performative, dyspraxic approach to writing about the event on a live-blog.

Terry Huggett:

Terry is an early-career actor and drag performer who took part in DIY14: Max Dyspraxe Performance-World Neurodivergent Revolution Fun-Time and is part of Access All Areas. Due to his role in DIY14 Terry has a role as an ‘historical expert’ in this project.


Lee Phillips:

Lee Phillips is a writer, performance artist, actor and workshop leader, and an Access All Areas artist. He trained on the advance performance making diploma at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


Emma Selwyn:


Emma and believes that neurodivergency can be fun in a way that neurotypicality is usually not. They have a harem of servants who help me decide what perfume to wear each day. They are a facilitator and live art performer with Access All Areas and did the initial 2016 Performance Making Diploma Course as well as the Advanced diploma in 2017-2018. They have shown work at venues including Rich Mix, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Southbank Centre and the Saatchi Gallery, and written collaboratively with Liselle Terret and with other artists from 2016 Steakhouse Live Festival as part of Critical Interruptions Vol 1.


selina bonelli:

selina bonelli is a visual artist and Royal College of Art graduate in Performance and Printmaking.  Working with how we 'remember' (or can't) and what that means on both personal and social levels, she explores the relationship between what isn't communicable through language the affects this has on us. 




Daniel Oliver

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