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Introduction - Max Dyspraxe
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 23,24,25,26 JULY 2018
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 EVENT BY Daniel Oliver, with Luke Ferris, Jo Hauge, Chloe Spicer, Charlene Salter, Terry Huggett, Ben Mills, Emma Selwyn, Lee Phillips, and Selina Bonelli
Welcome to the website for Max Dyspraxe’s 4-day post-neurodivergent revolution time travel project fun times at Live Art Bistro.
We are a group of neurodivergent performance artists called Daniel Oliver, Chloe Spicer, Luke Ferris, Charlene Salter, Terry Huggett, Ben Mills, and Jo Hauge.
By neurodivergent I think we mean our brains don’t work in the way that is generally expected or accepted. Many of us are dyspraxic.
We say we are from a future where the dyspraxics have taken over after a neurodivergent revolution.
We say this revolution started in two Live Art Development Agency projects that Daniel ran in 2016 and 2018 – called Awkwoods and Max Dyspraxe’s Revolution Fun Time.
We are trying to reconstruct those workshops and also we are trying to prepare everyone for the future.
We are spending four days in this room together which we are calling the woods and a time machine trying to figure out what we mean by all this.
You can watch us doing this live in 360 degrees on this website if it works and if it doesn’t work that will be part of it. We will also put up videos as we go and Luke Ferris will be live writing about what is happening. All these things are on this website.
We have help from Live Art Bistro and Steve Goatman, and we are supported  by the Jerwood Foundation and Live Art Development Agency and Arts Council England.
Thank you.

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