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Day 1 - transition day
Luke Isolation.JPG
I built the Isolation Station in the forest as a satellite space adjacent to the machine. Daniel provided the Counsellors uniform to be worn by whichever individual should come to provide counsel. I don’t know who that will be; it’s a bit unclear. What I have done, however, is extend the chimney so that even as one approaches the Isolation Station one’s final thought before going into isolation is the thought of emissions. This visual should generate a sense of relief through the simple implication of impending release of whatever pent-up content they may harbour. Inside is a chair and a piece of cardboard to facilitate a low-level isolatee-led activity.
Chloe’s relationship with the rules. What does it mean to you? Does one’s commitment obligate her or drive her to push against the rules? Admiration and relief.
The team have each prepared their sleeping quarters. There’s so little time left to reflect on todays progress or constructive digression. I reached midnight and realised that I had not written a word or prepared my bed. I could not understand how this had not happened. I also realised that I had neglected to pack any bedding.
Day 2 - pregnation
Day 2 notes -1-.jpg
Notes day 2.jpg
Day 2 notes -3-.jpg
Day 2 notes -2-.jpg
Following breakfast at 1030 the reenactment of the Awk Woods ritual.
The team explored boundaries and triggers of awkwardness through a reenactment & sharing ritual based on or off off the ritual from the original Awk Woods. Each member of the team shared humorous gestures aka as jestures*. The exercise ran for approximately five to five minutes with extra time for a development task. the development task was a crushing deviation, but the group seemed to be drawn together effectively with all but myself engaging. It was amazing to watch them bond where I feared they may not.
I occupied the Isolation Station without counsel. The sound of the standard issue clothing (made from metalised polyester) served adequately to drown out the sound of my crying during a scene of tolerated violation experienced during the ritual. I cannot understand conversation any more. I don’t know that I need to. This is all wrong.
Later we performed a second ritual. It was a wonderful counter balance to the crushing experience before lunch. I feel quite elated. This may have been strategic or merely luck. Either way, I am still here.
I realised that I don’t know what day it is and I cannot recall how we arrived at our location from our point of departure.
*Jesture is a portmanteau of the words gesture and jester. Like tangentle (to slightly deviate) it is typical of the Logian dyspraxic stacking technique applied to language, taking one concept and overlapping it with another to create an effective hybrid concept. 
Day 3 - Colon
Selina-s notes  -2-.jpg
Selina-s notes  -1-.jpg
There is a threatening sense of erosion of both physical and conceptual space.
We addressed the notion of sequential thought (A-B). Chloe’s mind-mapping took me back to the Logian analysis of the original Queen Mary’s mind-map, but at the same time it reminded me of reconnaissance photography. What do your thought processes look like?
Escape attempt:
After lying uncomfortably for an hour and a half, hot, restless, irritable, I finally concluded that if I could not lie still and quite, let alone sleep, I must leave my bed. Through the darkness I ventured and found solace in the fresh cool silence of the loading bay in my anti-establishmental pyjamas. After and hour of pacing back and forth like a convict in an exercise yard, I realised that I had to get out. I got dressed and tried the door only to discover that I could not leave without rendering the team vulnerable to the whatever was outside or locking myself out of the machine completely rendering myself vulnerable. In despair I returned to the loading bay in my clothes, feeling absurd to be dressed as a civilian. I sat down on a wood pallet. Nothing felt better than sufferance in such circumstances.
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